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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> the malaysia airlines disaster. hundreds of lives lost when the 777 was shot out of the sky. >> shot down, blown out of the sky. >> new information on who was on board. a seven-year-old boy and his dog rescue, hot car. why the mother's attorney says she should not be charged. be changing.may
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why officials say it is a good thing but drivers are not convinced next. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. new information on the malaysia airline blown to pieces by a missile over the ukraine. officials have raised the death toll to 298. there are so many questions at this hour, including who is responsible and were any american lives lost? we have been following the developing story in our satellite center. for anine is asking investigation. it is unclear who will get custody of the black box. they could answer a lot of questions including who brought down the plane. the debris field stretches over 10 miles. the passport survived intact. the nearly 300 souls on board
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did not. now the focus is on the investigation and while there is not yet a smoking gun, the theory for u.s. officials is that the lane was brought down by a surface-to-air missile. >> shot down, not an accident, blown out of the sky. >> who was responsible? blamed ukraine, and ukraine's president pointed the finger at russia and called it an act of terrorism. >> we intercepted phone calls as eacherrorist talking to other about shooting down the planes. i believe russia has clear influence on the terrorists. [indiscernible] >> a retired cia intelligence officer says we know rebel forces have shot down military planes in the region. >> so far the finger points at this is probably inadvertent. deliver but inadvertent. they did not mean to shoot this
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aircraft down. >> the vice president says the u.s. has offered and is sending national transportation safety board investigators. the former chairman says those investigators will face challenges. >> i think of the evidence, preservation that needs to take place. the critical pieces other ones that came off first as you try to understand how the aircraft broke up in what was going on. so they do have their work cut out for them. >> there is no confirmation from the state department as or whether anys to americans were on the flight. the majority of passengers were passengers or malaysian. the nationality of 41 passengers remains unverified. >> thank you. today's crash may be the deadliest incident involving a commercial airliner being shot down in history. it is only the fifth time on record. in 2001 it happened was when a siberian airlines plane
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was shot down by ukrainian forces over the black sea and what was determined to be an accident. other incidents happened in 1988, 1983, and 1978. stay with us on abc 7 and wjla.c om. we will have all of the updates we can get on the developing situation in ukraine. we will bring in latest on "good morning washington" tomorrow. let's turn to other developing news. israel launching a massive ground invasion on the gaza strip. explosions there lit up the night sky as soldiers and take cross-border -- soldiers and tanks cross the border. it comes hours after hamas rejected a cease-fire. hundreds have died in the crisis. israeli military official says the offensive will continue until hamas stocks it's wrong -- stops its rocket attacks. we have this just in.
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federal charges are filed against fedex. the company is accused of helping illegal pharmacies by delivering dangerous drugs to customers without prescriptions. the department of justice announced the charges this evening. it says that fedex conspired with two online pharmacies for 10 years ending in 2010. the shipping company insists it did nothing wrong and plans to defend against this attack. a rockville mother is out on bond accused of leaving her seven-year-old son and a dog in a hot car. montgomery county police say it took officers 90 minutes to find evans.n she was shopping inside the lake forest mall. the boy was found very sweaty and seated in direct sunlight. the boy told officers that evans left water for the dog. evansd officers that regularly leaves him inside vehicles unattended.
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we spoke to her defense attorney. she says evans left a cell phone and gator with with the child. -- gatoraid with the child. just in in prince george's county, officials are vested getting the cause of a townhouse fire. and started about 9:00 tonight in clinton. tonight, two families out of their homes. electricity had to be shut off for the block. in all, 60 firefighters and emergency workers responded to the scene. no one was hurt. good news there. for emergency crews in howard county were called to a fire in laurel. tonight this started at a home on greylock road. that fire is now under control. now let's talk about something more pleasant. cooler weather, less humidity. not so bad from the july. let's see what friday looks like. steve rudin has got the first look for us. >> it is beautiful out there.
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temperatures already falling into the 60's, the lower 70's. we're going to drop a few more degrees as we move through the overnight hours. 64 winchester. reagan national at 75. early this morning we tied the record for a low at dulles, 55 degrees. current record? 1976. satellite and radar, skies cleared up nicely but if you like it hot and humid and a chance for thunderstorms, i will show you the seven day outlook. >> thanks. oncenew at 11: 00 a infamous man announces he is not giving up on politics. salahi says he is running for congress again. he's accused of crashing the white house party in 2009. well, tonight, a representative for salahi told cnn he is going to run in virginia's seventh district, the seat recently
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lost by eric cantor. he ran for the 10th congressional seat in the past as well. happening now in northern virginia, officials unveil a plan to ease traffic concerns but this one comes with a price. if the proposal does go through, you would be able to skip traffic on a major interstate if you are willing to pay. it is a plan that is in the works for our area. tom roussey live in fairfax to explain it. rom? --- tom? >> the plan is to radically transform the next 25 miles of 66 to the west. the plan would take it from what you see today to a road that would have three main each direction that are free and two lanes you would have to pay for. >> they have got to do something. >> today officials were pros to major changes to 66. the idea is to give drivers who would pay to get out of this mess an option. >> i had to shift my hours.
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>> he rearranged his life because of 66. he'd love to have lanes he could pay for. >> there is a cost for travel. >> today's announcement would mean that someday he would take a trip using nothing but tol ll l anes from haymarket to the beltway. anes to go i-95 south all the way to stafford county. >> it does improve traffic. yes, i'm for it. >> the only place in the d.c. area is 14 miles of the beltway in virginia. >> they cut down -- it cuts down my time for the community significant. >> there are downsides. >> it is too expensive. it's ridiculous. >> as evening rush-hour continues, the prices went up and up and up. the trip from the dulles toll $ 95 is
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now, the state says it is starting an environmental study and trying to figure out how to pay for putting toll lanes on i-66. the hope is to start construction sometime a little over two years from now. roussey.ienna, tom >> happy trails. lance armstrong is banned for life from slightly but the investigation for doping is far from over. new information on the secret meeting in the d.c. area. >> for the first time pot is decriminalized in d.c. i will tell you why cops are
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>> information about a violent bank robbery and police chase. investigators say that when three robbers entered a bank in california they planned to take hostages. three people were held as the suspect shot at police with assault weapons and then led
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officers on a chase. in the end, one hostage was reportedly used as a human shield and was killed. the two surviving hostages are in the hospital but are expected to be ok. of the three suspects, one is in custody and two others were killed by police. day one of the districts numerical on a law. decriminalization means that you have -- if you are caught with t hit witha fine, not jail time. in the district, where you are standing could change the outcome. robert? >> leon, they do not call this a federal city for nothing. i will explain that in a minute. first at ec police court orders -- d.c. police headquarters, it is too early to tell how many of these tickets were written today, but the police union tells me that the department's actions are just repugnant and they say there is a reason why few if any of these tickets will ever be written. >> as the sun set on the first
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day of decriminalization. you think what? >> it is great. >> him premiums range from rage. to raging support. >> i dno support drug us -- i but isupport drug use support not sending them to jail for so long. >> especially in d.c.'s african-american communities. it was racial disparity in marijuana arrests that led to the change in the law. >> i got locked up twice. >> he was locked up for possession of less than one ounce a year ago. it is a bitter pill to learn that it is just a $25 fine. >> better than jail. >> a cop simply smelling pot is no longer. rubble caused training is underway. >> no member can make an arrest for marijuana possession until they have completed the training.
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>> the police union is disgusted. its president tells me by phone the department has handcuffed its officers. so officers will more than likely not enforce this new law. >> most of your law enforcement entities are federal. >> in fact, federal land in d.c. is a sidewalk away and federal cops can arrest for less than one ounce. now, the police union goes onto say that if officers are well trained on how to detect a scent of marijuana now that smell has been removed from the law, its officers cannot distinguish of what is inside that join t is pot or oregano. the next best alternative is to do nothing. >> thanks. an attorney for lance armstrong says the cyclist met with the panel investigating his past. reallyorney did not specifics but he says the may 22 get together at a hotel near
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dulleds airport lasted seven hours. the panel is expected to issue a report on doping later on this year. 7 on your side with a consumer alert. microsoft announced it is cutting 18,000 jobs over the next year. this move as the company works to integrate the nokia business it purchased in april and was to streamline operation. playoffs were anticipated but the total number is double what wall street was expecting. more questions for general motors mary barra. the senate subcommittee grilled her on why to accompany so long to alert the public about faulty ignition switches. fire its amended g.m. chief lawyer. 's fourth time in front of the panel. it is a beautiful today. low committee. sunshine -- low humidity.
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we will change things up to the weekend. it is going to start to feel more like summer. a nice break. hey, outside we go right now. skies mainly clear and 75 degrees at reagan national. look at those dew point levels, only in the middle 50's. that is why it feels so great out there. winds at five miles per hour. earlier, we hit 83 degrees at reagan national airport. a picture the day -- 89. --average for the day -- 89. george washington university at 72. a high of 82. our final stop takes us to gaithersburg at 61 degrees. the wind not a problem at all. 63 in winchester. hagerstown reporting in at 67. the coolest of the air well to the north and west of us but warmer air trying to bubble up from the south. not going to make a lot of progress, at least not for tonight and into the day
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tomorrow. high-pressure lodged to the north and west of us. dew point levels very dry air but that more should beginning to build. midpart of the country, the dry air will stick around. on high eventually moves just off the coast. winds return out of the south and west. that will he'd assembled little bit more for the upcoming weekend, bring more clouds. -- that will heat us up. thunderstorms monday, tuesday and wednesday, but limited to a 30% chance. -around 90. -- highs around 99 until the end of next week. middle 50's tonight. lower 60's in the district. for the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine, pleasant temperatures, 80 285 degrees. the extended outlook. the daytime high in the 80's for the upcoming weekend. delmarva beaches in the upper 70's. late next week, we will crank up the heat again. degrees.ear 90 nighttime low as range from the 60's to middle 70's, but tomorrow, nice way to end the work we are a good each weather
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for the upcoming weekend. >> like the sound of that. great stuff. what have you got? >> cold swimming in the lake. joe theismann talks about rg iii. the wizard seal up the 10 time all-star. .iger roars athe open
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> it was hard to believe i was watching the british open, the weather was terrific. temperatureskies, in the mid 60's and the course was probable. rory mcilroy was making all his putts. he ended 6 under par. how about the shot? 15 over in the second round. tomorrow, look out. that shot is a winner. tiger woods bogeyed one and two and caught fire.
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tiger eased into the round and birdied 11, 12, 13, 15, and 16 for a 69. here comes tiger. >> guys are not going to go really low. we are going to be bunched. this type of golf course. you look at the scores, there are a ton of players between 2 and 4 under par. that is the way the championship will unfold. >> ernie els hit a spectator. he's so shaken he hit a 79. bad shot. look at this. broke the club. he asked the caddy, now what club? he shot a 72. the cleveland cavaliers are offering andrew wiggins in attempt to entice timberwolves kevin love. the wizards made it official by signing paul pierce. a two year deal.
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the young wizards beat the heat in the summer league. points.ter had 17 at ar continues to play high level. averaging almost 20 a game in las vegas. the wiz play this first round i. our play of the night comes from the wizards game. tyler honeycutt goes into the forest. look at him stonewall the shot. that is the play of the night. go get a, big fella! one week from tonight, the redskins players will feel the exhaustion of day one and training camp. one week from today in richmond. where did the time go? iii will be the focal point. >> at the skill position they have a lot of talent. robert is healthy. he has had a great off-season.
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a great mini camp. he is in a situation where he feels good mentally and physically. >> joe theismann. leon, the e washington area is getting one of the best high school players in the nation. v.j. king is leaving st. mary's in akron, the same school as lebron, to attaenend paul vi. >> he says he's more of the harder way. no lebron james. i like the sound of that. the redskinshink are worth on paper?
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plane is shot down over the ukraine. a mother is accused of leaving her son alone in a car with a dog while she shopped. the forecast for the week is available at the redskins are the ninth most valuable sports franchise in the world according to forbes. the value has increased by $100 billion. it is up to $1.7 billion. there are only two teams value higher. the dallas cowboys ranked fifth.
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and the new england patriots came in eighth. the most viable sports franchise in the world is real madrid, followed by barcelona and manchester united. who says money cannot buy love?
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>> let it ride. there.s nice out reports that there is a meteor that someone saw. some say they saw in virginia. if you have seen it, tweak it over to me. 84 degrees. lower 80's on saturday. perfect golf weather. increasing the humidity by monday. by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, more thunderstorms in the forecast. it will start to feel hot. take advantage of the snow. >>-- take advantage of this now.
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